At the Mr. Bro Barbershop we offer individual barbering courses

Why choose us?

Since our opening in 2017, on average our clients pay over 1500 roubles per visit. Our clients trust us with their hairstyle and come back again and again for top-quality services.
All instructors at MR. BRO BARBER SCHOOL are the finest professional barbers. For them, the barbering craft is an essential part of their lives. They have countless years of barbering and teaching experience under their belt and have helped many students to become experts in their craft.


For 50,000 roubles, we offer one-to-one training broken down into 60-67 sessions lasting 45-minutes.

At the end of the course, our students will receive a personalised certificate of the MR. BRO BARBER SCHOOL, which will allow them to start a career in barbering right away.

If needed, we will also provide a reference to future employers for all of our students.

You can master a new profession in just one month and only for 50,000 rubles.


Our fundamental training program, based on state-of-the-art techniques for cutting and styling men’s hair.

Gaining experience using all of the common tools, materials, and equipment that are needed for a career in barbering.

Learning service standards and the correct technical process of serving a client.

Mastering different haircut techniques: the fade cut, the clipper cut, the line-up cut, etc. You’ll work with different tools, long bladed and hair thinning scissors, and learn how to wash, dry and style hair. You’ll also try your hand at razor work and trimming and styling beards, and increase your knowledge on skin care and how to give facial treatments.

Practical classes make up a large part of the course. This is where our students will master the hands-on skills needed to become a professional barber.

During the course, all tools, equipment, and models will be provided by the MR. BRO BARBER SCHOOL.

At the Mr. Bro Barbershop we also provide training for professional barbers who want to advance in their career.

The course runs over 2 days or 12 - 16 individual sessions lasting 45 minutes.
The price for this course is only 20 000 roubles.