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Our services and prices


First Haircut

1190 rub.

First visit to us
Model Haircut
1700 руб.
Men’s haircut of any complexity using clippers and/or scissors.
Kid’s Haircut
1300 руб.
Haircut of any complexity using clippers and/or scissors.
Clipper Cut
900 руб.
Haircut using one or two sizes of clipper guards.
Head Shaving
1400 rub.
Straight razor head shave with hot-towel prep.
Shampooing and Styling
500 rub.


First Styling

990 rub.

First visit to us
Beard Styling
1300 руб.
Beard shaping and styling service. After a hot towel prep, our barber will trim and shape your beard with a straight razor. It’s a complete spa treatment for men which cleanses the skin, softens the beard and energises you.
Beard Wet Shave
1400 rub.
Wet shave with a straight razor and hot-towel prep. It’s a complete spa treatment for men that cleanses the skin and energises you.
900 руб.
Beard shaping using clippers and scissors.
Grey-hair Coverage
900-1300 руб.
Natural-looking colour coverage for grey hair using American Crew’s specialised products for men.

Our works


The masters in our barbershop have the highest qualifications and can easily perform a haircut and shave of any complexity

Dmitry Tsukanov


Дима, приехал из центра Сибири, где работал в одной из лучших команд города.

Отлично справится как с короткой, так и с более удлиненной стрижкой. Хорошо разбирается в стиле и в индустрии стрижек, что позволит подобрать идеальный образ для клиента.

Anton Cheprasov


Руслан Кирсанов, Артем Бочков, Сано



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