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About us

Нам 6 лет!!! Барбершоп для настоящих мужчин

Mr. Bro — it’s a real men’s club.
We have done our best to to emulate a traditional barbershop by creating a unique atmosphere for men where our clients can relax over a cup of coffee, discuss the latest news, chat about sports and music, and of course receive quality service in the comfortable chair of our top barbers - the masters of their craft.

Video of our opening

Why choose Mr. Bro?

Mr Bro is representing the values of being a gentleman but also a ‘bro’. Mr. Bro is a gentleman for us! We treat our customers like gentlemen with the upmost respect and will always do our best to make their visit to our barbershop as pleasant as possible. Mr. Bro is also a ‘bro’ - our friend, someone who you’ve known for ages and who’s already become like a brother.
What a paradox in our name! But the explanation is so simple.

Our benefits

Our Services

Our barbers have gone through tons of cut hair, wearing out countless pairs of scissors and hair clippers just to see the delighted smiles of thousands and thousands of our customers. Before joining our team, our barbers go through a rigorous but fair screening process.

Their experience and professionalism are referenced in thousands of reviews around the Internet and high ratings on Google, Yandex and 2-Gis platforms.


We value our clients and we have our own coffee-bar for their comfort.
Our baristas are always ready to offer you the best specialty coffee with outstanding flavour!
Our coffee bar can be used at the free disposal of our regulars who have a VIP guest card.


Year after year we grow and improve, not only in the quality of our services but we also maintain a cozy but masculine ambience that suits each and every client.
This unique atmosphere is inspired by American sports, such as baseball, rugby, American football and so on.
All of our interior design is totally authentic and comes from the USA.


We have our own parking lot. Just give us a call.

Our works


 23 Grecheskiy Avenue

+7 (812) 929-99-23
10:00 — 21:00, без выходных